As an Entrepreneur, it can be exciting to move your business to the United States. However, the documents and forms required for this process can be overwhelming.  


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Green Card - Petition for Alien Investor- Form I-526
View the instructions here to check eligibility and evidence required for Form I-526.

Part 1. Information About You

Employment History

Provide your employment history for the past five years, whether inside or outside of the United States. Provide current employment first.

Information about Your Spouse and Children

List your spouse and all of your children. Also note if the individual will be applying for a visa abroad or for adjustment status as your dependent.

Your Entry Into The United States

Part 2. Information About Your Investment

Petition Type and Required Capital Investment

Composition of Your Investment

Your Income

Your Net Worth

Your Sources of Investment Capital

Part 3. Information About the New Commercial Enterprise (NCE)

Multiple Investors

If you are not the sole investor in the NCE, list the name of any other person or entity that holds a percentage ownership of the NCE. Also indicate if any of these persons obtained classification as an alien investor under INA section 203(b)(5) on the basis of their investment in this NCE or are seeking classification as an alien investor under INA section 203(b)(5).

Part 4. Information About the Job-Creating Entity (JCE) (if different from the NCE)

Multiple Job-Creating-Entities

If there is more than one JCE involved in the project, provide information regarding all JCE's involved with the new commercial enterprise.

Part 5. Employment Creation Information

Part 6. Processing Information

Address in Country of Last Permanent Residence Abroad

Immigration Proceedings

Employment in the United States

Part 7. Petitioner's Statement, Contact Information, Declaration, and Signature

Authorized Signatory's Contact Information

I certify, under penalty of perjury, that all the information in my petition and any document submitted with it were provided or authorized by me, that I reviewed and understand all of the information contained in, and submitted with, my petition, and that all of this information is complete, true, and correct.

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