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Green Card - Petition for Permanent Residence or Adjust Status - Form I-485
View the instructions here to check eligibility and evidence required for Form I-485.

Part 1. Information about You (the person applying for lawful permanent residence)

If you have ever used other A-Numbers, include the prior ones in the box.

Recent Immigration History

Part 2. Application Type or Filing Category

Note: Attach a copy of the Form I-797 receipt or approval notice for the underlying petition or application, as appropriate.

I am applying to register for lawful permanent resident based on the following immigrant category (see Form I-485 for instructions)

If you answer YES, you must have selected a Family Based, Employment Based, Special Immigrant, or Diversity Visa Immigrant category as the basis for your application for adjustment of status. Fill out the rest of this application AND Supplement A to Form I-485, Adjustment of Status Under Section 245(i) (supplement A). Read Form I-485 Instructions and Supplement A Instructions.

Information about your immigrant category

Part 3. Additional Information About You

Address History

Provide the physical addresses for everywhere that you have lived during the last five year, whether inside or outside the United States. Provide your current address first.

Part 5. Information About Marital History

Information about your current marriage

Information about Prior Marriages (if any)

Part 4. Information about your parents

Employment History

Provide your employment history for the past five years, whether inside or outside of the United States. Provide current employment first. If you are currently unemployed, type "Unemployed" under Name of Employer/Company.

Biographic Information

Provide the biographic information about you, the Petitioner.

Information about Your Children

Note: The term "children" includes all biological or legally adopted children, as well as current stepchildren, of any age, whether born in the United States or other countries, married or unmarried, living with you or elsewhere, and includes any missing children and those born to you outside of marriage.

Part 8. General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds

Criminal Acts and Violations

You must answer "Yes" to any question that applies to you, even if your records were sealed or otherwise cleared even if you were told you no longer have a record by a judge or attorney, also include offenses that occurred inside the United States and anywhere else in the world.
Note: If you were the beneficiary of a pardon, amnesty, or rehabilitation decree, or other act of clemency, provide the documentation of that post-conviction action.

Security and Related

Do you intend to:

Are you the spouse or child of an individual who EVER:

Have you EVER ordered, incited, called for, committed, assisted, helped with, or otherwise participated in any of the following:

Public Assistance

Illegal Entries and Other Immigration Violations

Removal, Unlawful Presence, or Illegal Reentry After Previous Immigration Violations

Note: You were unlawfully present in the United States if you entered the United States without being inspected and admitted or inspected and paroled, or if you legally entered the United States but you stayed longer than permitted.

Miscellaneous Conduct

Part 9. Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities and/or Impairments

Note: Read Form I-485 Instructions before completing this part.

Part 10. Applicant's Statement, Contact Information, Declaration, Certification, and Signature

Note: Read the penalties section of Form I-485 before completing this part. You must file Form I-485 while in the United States.

Applicant's Contact Information

I certify, under penalty of perjury, that all the information in my petition and any document submitted with it were provided or authorized by me, that I reviewed and understand all of the information contained in, and submitted with, my petition, and that all of this information is complete, true, and correct.

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